Reviews of the best books, audio, and video from experts, scientists and therapists

This is where I’ll be posting reviews of books, at least one a week. The first titles will include the granddaddies of relationship books, such as

  1. The Willpower Instinct
  2. Women Who Love Too Much
  3. Men Who Hate Women and The Women Who Love Them
  4. Empathy: The Royal Road
  5. Men are from Mars Women are from Venus
  6. Books by John and Julie Gottman of The Gottman institute
  7. Books by Sue Johnson
  8. Works from The Doherty Relationship Institute

The Man’s Guide to Women, by John and Julie Gottman

Give this book to the young man in your life. NOW! Before he screws it up with women. For women unfamiliar with the Gottmans, the book serves as an introduction, lite, to their way of thinking. And their thinking is important, because they are among the pre-eminent...

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Attached, by Levine and Heller

Oh, just another attachment theory disquisition, I thought. (I was wrong. It's not just another, it's one of the best.) Published in 2010, the book states early on that adults show attachment patterns in romance similar to the way children bond with their parents....

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Data, A Love Story

    By Amy Webb, Dutton, 2013. This mildly entertaining romp through the world of online dating contains advice to women that can be distilled as follows: keep your profile description short and sprinkle it with words like “fun-loving” and “easy-going.” As...

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